All Inclusive & Retreat Guests will have Free Wi-Fi Access in common areas, Free long distance calls to North America, Laundry room on site. designated smoking area, and plenty of bottled or infused drinking water.  Additionally, guests are able to enjoy the following:

Bar in Salinas Ecuador
The Coconut Bar

The Coconut Bar is a central gathering area where you will find all you need to enjoy a fruit smoothie, infused water of the day or just a fun place to hang out, watch a show or chat with friends, both old and new.   This is one of the favorite locations to lounge in the deep shade after a cooling dip in the pool.

The Coconut Bar also doubles as a Learning Station for workshops that include hands-on experience creating all natural, chemical free skin care products and clean eating techniques and principles.


Professional Cooks in Ecuador
Your Dining Experience

Casa Blanca has joined forces with a local catering company.  The head chef has an impressive 28 years of experience.  He is an instructor for a local cooking school, as well as a highly sought after chef for local hotels.  He will be offering a varied menu that follows the Clean Eating Principles.  


Individual dietary restrictions, preferences and limitations will be accommodated for an all around delectable foodie experience,  while maintaining 'natural foods only' principles.


What you will find is an exceptional flavor experience coupled with amazing presentation in our daily buffet style meals.   

What you won't find is processed foods and vegetable oils. We strive for 'label free' ingredients, meaning real, natural foods, cooked in nourshing and traditional manners.   You also won't find a microwave on the property!


The outdoor covered dining room consists of solid wood bench style table large enough to fit 10 people comfortably.  Complete with ceiling fan and surrounded by the amazing Flor Amarillo Vine, it is a lovely area to have a formal or informal dining experience.

Pool in Wellness Retreat Salinas Ecuador
The Pool

Often the hub of activity during the hot days and warm evenings.  The pool provides two separate lounging areas and is surrounded in lush tropical gardens.  Yoga, water aerobics and low impact exercise are just some of the activities that are centered around the pool.  Enjoy the waterfall and night lights for those wanting to take a midnight swim.  Pool towels and some floating devices are available to enhance your overall enjoyment while cooling off from the South American heat.  The Libertad/Salinas area experiences less than 126mm (5 inches) of rain annually.  The high season for this area is mid December to mid April where temperatures average upwards of 31C (89F) and it is not uncommon for the pool temperature to reach 32C (90F) during the day.

BBQ Salinas Ecuador
BBQ & Dining Area

Guests are welcomed to use the Spanish Style BBQ area situated conveniently between the banana trees and pool.  This common area consists of a small bar and large unique dining table that fits 10 people comfortably.  This area contains lighting and Spanish decor that says you are truly experiencing South America.   The dining area is surrounded by plants, flowers, waterfalls and only steps from the pool.

This area doubles as an evening meditation area and a secondary learning center.


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