Find Your Path


Welcome to Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo a Premier Vacation Resort & Spa and Wellness Retreat in Ecuador.  


We have joined forces with local professionals to create wellness packages that range from 3 to 12 days in length.  Wellness packages that reinforce to our guests the importance of self-care, forming healthy habits  and more importantly how to apply those habits to their everyday lives once they return home.   Each day has a variety of scheduled activities, workshops, excursions or simply fun free time.  Click on a button to review sample days, and let me know how we can build a package that is right for you.






We are a small resort offering a more intimate setting which allows increased one on one time with each instructor.  The number of guests will vary between 4 and 12.  This ensures a more comfortable experience surrounded by a small group of like-minded individuals


The property has its own energy; alive, positive, rejuvenating and relaxing.  We have garnered this energy and joined forces with  local professionals and businesses to offer our guests not only a rest from their current stressors but also practical ways to integrate healing practices into  their daily life and  to feel more empowered and in control of the direction of their own wellbeing; mind, body, and spirit.


Finding your path is made easier when surrounded in a caring and calm atmosphere.  When you can take the time for yourself, you can center and perhaps your path will become clearer.   


Come join us in Ecuador for a transformational experience.

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