All Inclusive & Wellness Retreat Discounts offered for SSI Employees 


As a long time employee of Solutions Staffing Inc. We are pleased to offer all SSI employees amazing discounts on all Wellness Retreat Vacations.   These discounts can be combined with other specials for increased savings.

Please see below for the discount rate that applys to you.

  When requesting rates and availability, please indicate you are an SSI employee.

Sunset over Salinas Ecuador
Ecuador Fruit, Clean Eating, Wellness Retreat in Ecuador
10% Discount


To qualify for the 10% Wellness Retreat Discount,  you simply had to complete an assignment with Solutions Staffing.  When combined with the Special Rates; you can save up to 25%



5% Discount


To qualify for the 5% discount you just need to be signed up and receiving email notifications from Solutions Staffing.  Combine this discount with the Special Rates and you can save up to 20% on your Retreat Vacation Package. 

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