It's the Little Things in Life; Dish Soap in Ecuador

September 2, 2014

I have spent so much time complaining and searching for the 'stuff' readily available 'back home' that I thought I would take a moment to praise something I am grateful for here in Ecuador; the DISH SOAP!


Randy and I spent 6 months touring EC a couple years back and it was my first exposure to this solid tub of soap. I spent many months boiling tap water and 'chipping' the soap into the sink to do my dishes.


Some common comments over the months were: "My God have they not heard of liquid soap before?" "Jeezzz this is the stupidest set up I have seen"


I remember how smart we felt when we would add water to the tub, let it settle in and soften the slab so we could quite easily scoop the softened paste into the sink with our fingers.

Near the end of our trip I was explaining my frustration with the soap, our chipping process and our smart resolution to softening the substance with water.


A world traveler and now friend Dawn B overheard me and after she stopped laughing; she explained the sponge, rub the tub and cold water rinse method. Doing dishes has never been the same since!


Numerous guests that have come to visit us, often pack some to bring home!

It is truly ingenious and I have no idea why this didn't catch on 'back home'

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