Learning a New Language can be..... Funny as Hell.

August 16, 2015

OK so I am clearly still learning Spanish......


I am at the Jaun Valdez Coffee Shop (very much like a trendy Starbucks) and I buy an overpriced double whipped Frappacappachinomochaspiced thing; Wow, that was easier than I expected.


Now I simply need a lid for this frothy mess in my cup.   I say as clear as I can   'Tampones por favor'   The look on her face was hard to read. Either she didn't understand me or she didn't hear me correctly.


So, I repeat again, slower and louder using a full sentence.   ' Yo Necessito un Tampones por favor' using a bit of Charades to assist in communications by pointing to the top of my cup. Just then a stranger in line leans forward and whispers;  "Tapas is the word for lid"  .....hmmm really? apparently I was asking her for a Tampon!!


Well Oh My!  I was in hysterical laughter by then, she started laughing as I apologized profusely. Lo Siento, no necessito Tampones!   


I have never forgot the word for lid again; so that is one way to reinforce your learning.









conversation....all they knew for certain is this Gringa needs coffee and it seems she is on the Rags as well........ Guess I better keep my dictionary a little more accessible......

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