Days for Girls

September 23, 2016




I have to give a shout out to Kate Jewell for the awesome lead on information and contacts for a valuable project. 


I need all you male members on this site to plug your ears and skip this post as I am going to talk about girlie things for a little bit.


Kate introduced me to a program she is familiar with during her awesome works in Nepal. She is not only a certified angel, she is also a Naturopathic Doctor.... two things I admire tremendously.


Some things you may not know.... (close your eyes boys). But girls and women living in poverty in Ecuador and other similar countries cannot afford to buy sanitary napkin pads. 


They resort to using rags, assorted clothing that they wash out and reuse as needed. They simply do not have the money to purchase the disposable items we take for granted. It is a luxury for them to be able to use pads.


There is a program called Days for Girls that have kits that can be sewn and duplicated and distributed with education of course.


I have contacted the organization as they are world wide and have a chapter in Guayaquil Ecuador. I am hoping to hear from them soon.


I want to take the training and also to find out the process in duplicating the kits. If there other local ladies that would be interested in the training, please let me know.


I will also speak to Gloria prior to distribution, there are cultural, religious and family customs we need to be aware of before barging into this topic with their young girls. 


There is also a large learning book Kate has so graciously donated, but again, it needs a local to review and this copy is in english, I have requested a spanish version from the organisation.


Certainly there will be a cost to these kits; but we can see what that looks like and we can cross that proverbial bridge when we get there. 


I am so excited about this, as I know it is a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many young girls on how to handle this. I have handed out so many pads since I have been in Ecuador and always it is met with relief and gratitude.


Here are some photos of the kits and I know you women understand the importance of this project.


Here are a few photos ....... I will keep you posted once they respond back to me.

OK boys; you can open your eyes again heheheheh

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