Baby Bananas & the Dreaded Banana Tree Cat of Ecuador

September 26, 2016

Living in Ecuador we all see an abundance of bananas and/or plantains practically every day at some point.Until moving here I have never actually seen 'baby bananas'. 


These ones were growing here at Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo.







Whenever I see the baby bananas, I always think; awweee how cute!









They grow slow, but worth the wait. These ones pictured here are a few months old.  




The little bits of nectar that drip off the ends of the bananas is sweet and sometimes will attract little fruit bats that hover much like hummingbirds to eat the sweet nectar.










It is not uncommon to see these hanging in our courtyard.  The guests are able to pick as many as often as they wish as they ripen.








Sometimes they are grown here and sometimes, in between crops, we will buy them from the mercado.







One danger of growing bananas is the dreaded banana tree cat that may make an appearance; proceed with caution!









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