A Back Road Adventure on the Coast of Ecuador - To Colonche

October 3, 2016

Jane, Peter, Randy and I went for a road trip yesterday. The search was for the Fair Trade Aloe Vera Farm outside of the community of Colonche.

After stopping to speak to half dozen or more locals for directions, we came within '2 minutes' of the farm as the locals told us, however, we finally came to realize that you could not drive all the way into the property but you had to park near the dry river bed and walk in for the final stretch.


The other option was that the locals would transport us for 0.50 per person into the farm on motorcycles. They also had a secondary option which was a little Datson pickup where we could have piled into the back and bumped our way in.

Sorry to say; we opted out.....

The trip was not a total bust regardless of not reaching the principle goal.

We purchased fabulous warm homemade bread from the bakery in Olon.

We purchased directly off-the-farm custom made yogurt and garlic mortadella in Manglaralto (part of the Olon Orphanage network)

We had a great meal on the side of the road outside of San Pedro.  Here is a photo of mine fabulous fish with Garlic/Parsley Sauce and the salad was pretty awesome too.  


I am told these are fabulous Margaritas as well but I opted for a Banana Daiquiri.
















We strolled through the antique dealer's place in Jambeli




I was able to speak with a half dozen friendly folk along the way, and by the look on their faces, they were wondering what this gringa was doing so far off the beaten path with a bottle of shampoo in hand asking if they know where this farm is located.

And finally...... this church in Colonche. Some of the locals told me it was over 400 years old.


It was only fitting to put the filter of light on this photo as it was truly an experience walking into this place.  The photo was impressive on its own, but it did not reflect the feeling you got walking into this old wooden church.





Here is a link with more information on the history :  












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