We think we are so damn smart sometimes......

October 11, 2016


So my search was on for some Cheesecloth. The supply I had brought with me had dwindled down. I use lots to make coconut milk from scratch.


I made a call out to the community and thanks to Amanda Currington who graciously gave me a bag. Gracias Amiga xo


I decided that certainly, it must be available locally, I simply was not looking in the right places.


I decided to ask the professional cook we hire for our spa days; she is a knowledgeable professional and must know of or have used cheesecloth during her career.


Feeling rather savvy, like I am getting ready to learn some insider information that I can share with you all. I bring the bag of Cheesecloth down, roll out some of it and in my best Spanish ask where can you buy this? It is for straining certain dishes. Is it only in Guayaquil?


Without hesitation; she replies is Spanish:


Yes, it is called gauze and you buy it in the pharmacy.


I looked down and sure enough, this material in my hand is gauze but I was so intent on 'cheesecloth' I could not 'see the forest for the trees'.


I simply replied to her sheepishly: oh.... well.... thanks....


In my head I said; Oh My God , What an idiot!


Thanks to the Ecuadorian people for bringing me back to the basics.


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