Bread... Babies ... Baskets

October 19, 2016

I I love Ecuador


I am a huge fan of the super large woven baskets that the 'bread lady' in the Mercado uses to hold all her yummy buns and loaves.


Each week, month after month, as I buy my bread, I have to admire her fabulous baskets and recently I started conversing with her. Turns out she is from Rio Bomba and they travel here twice a week to sell their delicious bread.


To give you an idea; Rio Bomba, off the top of my head, is roughly a 6-hour drive to the La Libertad Market. Considering the buns sell for 0.25 and the loaves for $1.00; well you see where I am going here.


One day I get the nerve to ask her where I can find one of these baskets. I explain that I would like to buy one for a special baby that is to be born. I would like to convert it to a bassinet.


Of course, my Spanish is not that fluent so it sounded more like caveman:






Regardless, she seemed to understand what I was looking for and as luck would have it;   She makes them!  She and I discussed what I was looking for in terms of size and features and she let me know she will bring it from Rio Bomba the following week.  (which actually took 2 weeks in Ecuador time)


Today I picked up my basket and I am thrilled beyond belief.



Yenny is another remarkably talented lady with fabric; she can make just about anything!   I will speak to her next about creating the pillows, blankets, and mosquito netting to complete the package. 


Of course, it will sound more like this: 




The only thing unknown at the moment is the color I should choose!  


This is yet another example of how learning the language and interacting with the locals can enrich and improve your own personal Ecuadorian Adventure.   You do not need to be fluent to interact with locals, you simply need to speak from your heart, with a smile and they will do their best to understand.


 Oh, by the way!   $45 is what I paid.   Delivered with a smile.


In case I didn't mention it....


I love Ecuador.

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