Spa & Wellness Treatments​


Our new Tropical Spa Room is ready to transport you to a place of healing, calm and relaxation:   Guests of Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo can choose from any of the following treatments:  

Advanced notice required to set appointment times.

Full body massages in Ecuador
Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy Soak,

   *     Relax     *    Restore   *   Rejuvenate  *


  • Choose from either deep tissue or relaxation massages.  These are 1 hour full body massages that include a personally selected blend of aromatherapy oils to enhance your overall experience.  Rejuvenate your mind and body and be pampered by professional therapists.


  • Indulge yourself by adding a splendid 30 min soak with a therapuetic essential oil of your choosing.   Relax surrounded by plants, bamboo and the sound of birds as your body and mind restore.   

Spa in Ecuador, Pedicures in Salinas
Manicures and Pedicures

      *    Pamper     *       Luxury      *     Exquisite     *   


Experience peace and harmony of body, mind and spirit.  Whether you select a pampering manicure or relaxing pedicure, you will enjoy a tranquil experience in this transformational environment. 



  • This pedicure is about nourishing, reconditioning, and refining your feet. Each pedicure begins with a calming ritual incorporating an essential oil blend to a warm water soak to induce deep relaxation.  Followed by a  relaxing calf and foot massage.  Your experience is complete with the perfect polish.  ​


  • This manicure begins with a calming ritual incorporating an essential oil blend to induce deep relaxation. Massaged from your elbows to the tips of your fingers with a coconut oil blend.  Your experience is made complete with the perfect polish. The natural oils relieve dry skin and help prevent the signs of aging.  Enjoy the light heavenly fragrance as hands are refreshed and hydrate

Meditation in Ecuador
Beginner's Yoga and Meditation 

*  Breathe   *    Release     *    Mindfulness   *


  • Individualized beginner yoga session that can be in a group, private or semi-private.  Each practice session is geared specifically to your level of fitness and flexibility.  You will be instructed through breathing techniques, a series of asanas (poses) and relaxation and release.  These are in-studio sessions held off site.  

  • On-site Yoga you can do self-guided yoga with or without online programs.  Mats are supplied in spa.


  • Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state.   With frequent practice, you are able to transport yourself to a place of calm and mindful state of being.

Chiropractor in Salinas Ecuador
Chiropractic Services

*  Align   *    Relieve    *    Adjust   * 

  • Not simply Chiropractic treatments as we have come to know.  The sessions offered by Xavier are part physiotherapy, part massage and of course chiropractic.  


  • During these 45 minute sessions, his magic hands have a way of finding those problem areas to relieve, align and adjust.​

  • Advanced notice required to set appointment times.

Catering Company Salinas Ecuador
Cooking Classes

Experience the flavors of Ecuador in a gourmet cooking class presented by one of two chefs.   These are hands-on classes with a translator present.



  • The classes will be held in our outdoor kitchen and the final meal served in a tropical setting, dining outdoor beside the gardens and under the Fleur Amarillo Vine.   


  • Choose from a list of 10 typical Ecuadorian dishes such as Arroz con Pollo (a chicken and rice dish) or  Encebollado (fish soup), chinese dishes which are Eduardo's specialties.

Advanced notice required to set appointment times.


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