Take a tour with us!

Click on a video for a small sample of your stay at Casa Blanca Playa Cautivo and surrounding area.

Salinas Malecon New Years Eve 2014/15

Fireworks and Burning Effigy piles signify the end of one year and a fresh beginning for another.

View of Kitchen/Dining Area

Fully equipped kitchen and dining area containing a full sized 5 burner stove/oven, side by side fridge/freezer, blender, toaster, juicer, crockpot all available 24/7 to guests.

Outside Aviary 

Budgies and Love Birds mingle and enjoy their outdoor home safe from the kitties.

Cautivo Beach Fishermen at work

This is not an unusual morning site on Cautivo Beach.  Once the fishermen leave the body surfers come out to play!


Tiny Fish Harvesting from Cautivo Beach

These little fish are transported by truck right from the beach to the market.  If you visit or even help them with the nets, they will often offer you some to take home.

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